Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jason Antonic - Victim of Defamation and Internet Libel

Jason Antonic (Jay Antonic) has been victimized by criminal defamation on the internet. Several reports, all connected, were published in an active attempt to destroy the good name and business reputation of Jason Antonic. Jason Antonic is pursuing civil and criminal action to protect and preserve the integrity of his name from malicious internet libel.
For Human Resources Managers, Recruiters, or Potential Clients ready and verifiable references are available upon request by emailing or by LinkedIn internal messaging.

Jason Antonic has submitted url claims and is working with Google's Abuse support team to have defamatory links about him removed from its search index. At this time, Jason is pursuing legal course of action against parties who have defamed him.

Jason Antonic works with reputable Human Resources firms who provide thorough independent third party verification of his professional credentials, nationwide civil, and criminal, background review.
He is also a DOJ verified service provider on

If you too are in a similar dilemma or want to report content that abuses Google's Terms of Service, click the following link: